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A photo diary would be a good idea. My son wants the Spitfire when I kick the bucket so a load of photos would be a good addition to go with the car. So far I have purchased a complete set of poly suspension bushes, trunnions, and top suspension joints, new rear brake drums, brake pipes,  cylinders, adjusters, springs and shoes, new front callipers, drilled discs and pads, braided flexible hydraulic pipes, Mk IV rear spring and mounting box, front springs and top plate, Gaz shocks front and rear. I have reconditioned the steering rack and have new track rod ends. I have painted most of the suspension arms royal blue which contrasts nicely with the black chassis. I have a second hand MK3 engine which I will recondition as mine is clapped. Once I have a bit more done, my Geraniums are over-wintering on my work bench, I will upload some pics.

Cheers, George



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