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strange goings on, on FleaBay


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I've been lust after tool chests, found one on Ebay new, very good price and free delivery. Too good to be true? Checked out the seller, no bad feedback so thought "Go for it" Paid with Paypal . The following day full refund, no explanation. Today found another one, same thing very good price, free delivery. This time the seller has 4 other chests in various forms. Bought it, then this afternoon full refund, no explanation. Pretty sure if I buy one of his others the same thing will happen.

So what's going on? The worst I can think is they're assembling mailing lists of tool buyers, but is there something more sinister?


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Think I would drop e bay and paypal a note ,

Someone there must know why its failing

Way back we had a freebie paper always advertising for a wanted single bed  in there for weeks , always the first advert

The phone call was most odd , I contacted the paper and local police, the advert disappeared and the tel became an unavailable

What was that all about other than some messaging ,   where  was Bletchley park when you need it.

Are these some subversive activities !!!



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I'm getting peed off with overseas sellers posing as UK sellers; it's always free postage until you buy, THEN you get a message saying your area is outside of their free postage agreement and you owe them £££££s extra. After three failed purchases of LED light fittings recently - all Chinese sellers - I bought one from a seller in Middlesex, who then messaged me to say it was being posted from Kowloon. I wouldn't have minded but his was three times the price of the Chinese listed ones... 

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