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Vitesse Engine suffix


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Could just jump in to this topic, Ive had my MK 1 Vitesse a few months now and when i brought it the owner stated the car had a Triumph 2.5 straight 6.  Ive looked at the engine and it does have 2 x SU6's, gearbox has overdrive but the engine numbers are MG3970HEBW!
Could anyone shed some light please? It all runs perfect and sounds awesome but i would like to get a new rocker cover etc but not sure what engine it is ;-)
It also has a blocked off hole/vent/sender mount near the rear by the bulk head just below the rocker cover(cant seem to load up pics)
Your help is great appreciated

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Many thanks Robin and Casper, so for spares I should just go down the 2500 route? Was the 2500pi the injection engine? I suppose it was and they done away with the injection and put on the SU HS 6 carbs?


It has got over drive makes me think that it may have all the running gear


Once again thanks for your help

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I very much doubt it has the saloon type gearbox. Check the reverse position, it will tell you which box is fitted (I can't remember at the moment, but that is the easiest way to tell)


The vast majority of parts will be the same as a mk2 vitesse, including rocker cover which are the same on all 6 pot cars. Clutch, oilfilters should be vitesse or possibly a spin on? Air filters may be problematical, many people use K+N or similar.

Blanked off port, guessing it may have a square head? some cars have them as a blank for a waterway. Used on some cars, not others. Not an issue.

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MG is engine prefix for 2500PI MK2 saloon and estate


BW is Borg Warner automatic  which would have denoted the spigot brg and drive plate requirement  (obviously now removed )


all big saloon gearboxes have reverse to the right and back 


if your reverse is forwards you have the original 3 rail or similar ,  which needs care behind 2.5 ltr.



as for clutch it was used across the whole  range   eg  http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-GCC228P



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