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crankshaft & camshaft sprocket alignment


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Hi All,

I'm reassembling my reconditioned 13/60 engine (small crank, GE).

Although I used the thickest front engine plate gasket provided in the bottom end gasket set (0.033"), the crankshaft sprocket sits forward of the camshaft sprocket by 0.005". Most scenarios describe the opposite - where the crankshaft sprocket sits behind the camshaft sprocket - and alignment in that case is relatively easy by using shims behind the crankshaft sprocket to bring it forward. 

Does anyone know how I can line the sprockets up, or is 0.005" an acceptable level of runout? I don't really want to double up on the front plate gasket. Can I, for example, shim the camshaft keeper plate?

Thanks, Chris

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