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Fuse Box replacement Vitesse Mk2

Paul H

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Just started the Fuse Box upgrade on my Vitesse Mk2 - The existing Lucas fuse box had 2 glass fuses rated at 35 amps . There is a further inline fuse behind the dash rated at 25 amps . This will be replaced by an inline blade fuse 

I've isolated  all the ancillaries fitted by PO ie Volt Meter , Alarm , Horn - the horn was wired separately and used a different horn button , Radio , Rear Fog lamp. 

These will be replaced using the correct colour wiring - currently red .

Two fues boxes are now in place - The left hand one is ignition fed and the right hand one is direct feed - The direct feed box has too many terminals and once I know how many connections I will replace so a six or 8 will be swopped over - The direct feed fuse box  has a purple wire as an input feed and this is incorrect though is the same position as the original fuse box . I have defaulted all the fuses to 10 amp - Once Ive identified which wire is which they will be correctly rated . No cables were cut or extended , The input feeds had a spade connection soldered to a ring terminal and heat shrinked  . Once Ive proved the current fuse boxes are ok I can add the ancillaries . These fuse boxes have a LED warning when a fuse is blown 



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Seems to be progressing nicely.

One of the big gripes with classic car owners is the lack of suitable live or ignition terminals; spare terminals can soon be used so I would certainly keep a couple of spare terminals on each which may in the long run may not be too far off from those boxes supporting 10x terminals.



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