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Triumph Herald 1200 poor cold start


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My 1200 Herald is poor cold starter. It takes 3 or 4 attempts to get it to fire. Once started it runs ok but does seem to need a small amount of choke when driving in the cold. I try to start on full choke.

once started and then turned off. It fires first time on subsequent starts. Starts well once warm.

Any ideas how I can sort  I have new fuel pump, thanks leads and distributor cap ready if needed.

Other point of note my nephew cleaned the carb when I first got it over 4 years ago and said there was a missing ball bearing  is this allowing fuel to drain from carb, hence need to get fuel in before it starts?

Any Help appreciated





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Think the only ball is in the accelerator pump  sits under a small spring under the jet nozzle

Cold starts are depenadant on the fuel level not evaporated to a low level and the need tomwait to top up from the pump.

If you have a primer , give it some pumps after a short lay up.

Does the choke flap actually close fully, some have a automacity spring , coiled to load the flap but allows it to open as the engine fires up

The flap should fully close the venturi and open with a light finger on the flap.

Do check you are getting a feed to the coil when you are cranking


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Thanks Pete

ill check the choke. Existing fuel pump doesn’t have a primer but new one does so maybe I’ll put that on.

As for the coil that’s beyond my limited scope of knowledge I’m afraid!

I live close to you. If you’re free one day I’d appreciate if I could pop round for a chat and see what you think about the car. If that’s inappropriate. Sorry!


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If the fuel level has dropped it will take a while to pump through. I always think that this short time to prime the fuel system will also do a bit of priming of the oil which will have also drained, so don't really see it as a problem

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