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A new adventure begins...

Steve C

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Just a brief note to say that after many years of ownership, I have now sold my Herald and will be leaving the TSSC when my current subscription expires. I want to say a big thank you to all the forum regulars who have given me so much advice and moral support over many years of skimmed knuckles (and the odd spanner thrown across the garage floor) as I have worked on (battled with?)Coventry's finest.

Although I will be sad to see "Hettie" move on, she is going to a good home with a fellow member of my local car club who knows the car well, and appreciates it for what it is, and I will see it around.

We have always had a foot in the classic Volvo camp, already owning a mint 940 estate, and as I have taken early retirement and 60 approaches in a very few days, the time is right for a new project, and we have bought a 1956 Volvo PV444 to keep me busy. It will be less dependent on the whims of the English climate in the show season, and as we improve it, we hope it will be on the Volvo Enthusiasts Club stand at some of the major shows, so make yourselves known if you are there.

Thanks again to all of you, and I hope the club continues to move forward and enjoy every success.

With best wishes

Steve C.

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Paul  enjoy the tansition,  a new venture for 2018 and with retirement comes a less pressurised time factor , it seems there's always another day  which removes the drive and contraints of time in a working week ....that doenst mean feet up, but with a new project some tipple in the tea is useful

sorry to see you leave , strange how these cars get an attachment , i didnt cry when the Vit6 went down the road but theres a lump in the throat ,

regards    Pete

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Steve, the very best of luck with the PV444; an excellent choice in my opinion. A really sturdy, iconic car that takes me right back to Tom Trana and the RAC Rally although his car may have been a 544. Same breed same stance.

I too am sorry to see you leave but for everyone, there comes a time to move on.

Kind regards




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Best wishes Steve! Enjoy your retirement, it's two months to the day since I gratefully threw in the towel and have done nothing but DIY, mechanic work and drink coffee since. I've no idea where I actually fitted work in amongst all this... but I've slightly more time for the cars now.

Volvos are great cars; love the look of the PV444 so might run into yours someday? (Not literally!) Post a photo before you go.

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