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Racing Triumphs at Classic Le Mans


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Just an idea - it's another Classic Le Mans year, and both TRR and TSSC are organising camping and hotel trips there. How about all those with Triumph race cars meeting at Le Mans? Even better, driving their cars there, and getting them all together at some central point? 
This pic is from the days when there were TSSC and TRR race series. Twelve racing Triumphs all together. Lets see if we can do better, with an All-Triumph 'grid'!

12 racing spitfires.jpg

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2 minutes ago, Anglefire said:

It will be 2020 for the Le Mans classic as they run every 2 years. 

But there are other classics around Europe. I’m sure the spa classic is annual - and that is one of my favourite tracks from a visual perspective and photography. 

That’s great gives me even longer to get ready lol

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