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the Blue Dragon now has one finger steering

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Having had the 2000 since june it was soon found the excessive and big wheel twiddling was making uncomfortable drives

or im just too old and dont eat enough shreadred wheat. 

with its low ratio rack and big handwheel the simple joys of country curves was less than appealing experience.


just the amount of hand wheel turning made roundabouts a need for caution or you take an early exit.


having purchased a full kit from Chris Witor its been on the shelf a few months but the new year brought about some enthusiasm to fit it.


with some help from Ray only its taken a few days to fit the engine front plate and crossmember and rack, pump,

change the stg arms etc.  there's a lot of stuff to change  but the difference is truly amazing


   shes a delight to throw around and no leaks,


   interestingly the cam timing had been set incorrectly by the previous owner , by engine number ( after 50001) the  cams are asymetric exhausts and the crank has to be set back 2deg btdc when the rockers on 6 are balanced ,  this takes a good bit of trial and error and much gear twiddling to align the right set of holes .


but all has transformed the car from a lumbing tub to a bright and responsive lady


now whats next.....






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