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Using Starter Fluid on Spitfire MK4


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Hi all,

I'm a new Spitfire owner.  I bought the MK4 last year and have been taking it out every 2-4 weeks in the winter months when the weather permits.   Although the car runs great it can tough to start after sitting in a cold garage for 3 weeks.  I was thinking of boosting with with some starter spray. Do people recommend taking the air filters off and spraying directly into the carbs, or just spraying into the air filters?



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Do what works! However, you may be suffering from drain back, where fuel drains back to the tank. Does your fuel pump have a primer lever? If so give this a few.... well half dozen pumps before firing up.. If no primer might be worth a refurb kit for the pump.


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If the fuel pump has  a hand prime lever , give it some pumps to top up the float chambers

Make sure when you pull the choke that the jet holders actually drop fully , and return fully when control is pressed back in.

What spark plugs /type  are fitted ??

The mk IV Will have a ballasted 6v coil as std.  This needs a 12v feed when you crank it can you make sure you are getting a full

12volts when cranking .

Are there any modifications from normal ??

They dont need starting sprays , only as a last attempt,  it should have no problems starting 

Apart from evaporation lowering the float levels when left for long periods


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