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GT6 Distributor Replacement

Stewart Vacher

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Hi Guys,

I'm looking for some advice on replacing the worn distributor on my GT6 Mk3 with a new/refurbished electronic one.

I have seen a couple of option on ebay that come with the cable tachometer drive I need. These have either a Powespark or Accuspark electronic ignition. Does anyone have any experience with these system?

I have also considered he option of having my original distributor refurbished through the club shop, but this has both time and cost drawbacks. 

Any advice would greatly appreciated.


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horses for courses  ,  not used either, only aldon and lumention,  ( think club shop source via H & H )

many on here have , my guess is accuspark is more favoured,  

there were reports of some low end units not having the trigger magnets equally spaced but  no clues to uphold or disclaim  that idea .



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37 minutes ago, Pete Lewis said:

rmy guess is accuspark is more favoured,  

That's because Accuspark £30, Aldon £120.

I have Aldon it works very well, they were very good supplying me a spare part when I broke the original. Many in our area have Accuspark, no complaints.


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I have a proper Accuspark electronic dizzy & coil for the Alpine and have converted the Vitesse dizzy to electronic using the Simonbbc conversion + Lucas Sports Coil.

Have to say that at the moment and with a few years plus many K of miles behind the cars the upgrades are functioning without any issues - long may that continue. 

As Pete and Doug state, horses for courses and no complaints.



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My only concern is are the new ones supplied with the correct advance curves? do they list different for MK1,2 early and late MK3???

If not it could be a close average curve. If you have yours rebuilt by H+H it will be correctly calibrated, I believe they do each one individually.

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