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Where to get new steering rack

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Planning to fit a new steering rack to my mk3 GT6 as some wear flagged up each mot and bit of play, plus one track rod end worn. Mindful that after market bits vary in quality, any recommendations and his anyone fitted the Rimmer Bros one? Already been through the task of fitting new mounts so ok with that part - having worked out that some come with useless tapered u-bolts and that the alloy ones I then went for needed a bit of modding otherwise they didn't grip. Already handles quite well with poly-bushes and gaz adjustables all round so this should be the final touch (well, that and some better tyres one day as current ones on 5 inch rims just don't put enough width of rubber in contact with the road).



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Hello Dave.

I know a couple of classic vehicle owners who have used PPS Steering Specialists and spoke highly of them.

On a personal basis I have not used them so cannot comment.

Mentioning for your benefit as a potential line of enquiry.

www.prestonpowersteering.co.uk 01772.61.353

Good luck.


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Depends whats worn the inner sphericals are adjustable and i think poly mounts stiffen up things without the lack of position control problems some Alloy mounts suffer

There are two rack ratios 4cyl and 6cyl   the 6 cyl  ratio is identified by a small groove machined in the input shaft splines

Often  suppliers say they are all the same ... wrong

Fit a higher  ratio 4 cyl rack to a 6cly and you may like it but most need 6 shreaded wheat to steer it

That little anular groove tells the difference,  


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Adjusted my rack by removing shims under the big nut, the one the grease nipple fits into, but a bit of a balancing act to be tight enough in the middle and not to tight at full lock.

As Pete said some parts are available to rebuild your own.

Just had a look at Rimmers website, seem to be fewer parts available since I last looked but a lot more rack options or am I being cynical.



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On my Toledo I had horrendous wear in a rack that was bought as a recon (but off ebay, it was cheap, looked like a supplier clearance type of sale).

I contacted the Dolomite Club, who had just had a few reconditioned. They commented that the new company they were using would only accept about 1 in 10 of the old racks as good enough to recondition, I believe because of wear in the actual rack which you cannot do much about (tighten it up in th estraight ahead position, and it will go tight when turning)

However, many places will "do their best" with whatever old core they are supplied with. 

In which case it is not difficult to renew the bush on the LHS of the rack, and shim the inner balljoints and the pinion. Which is all they do on most recons.....


(my "new" rack has helped transform the car back into a delightful car to drive, but was only one piece in the puzzle. New TRE's, new coupling, not to mention re-bushing the rear axle)

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