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Dealers who take Paypal

Colin Lindsay

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Sorry, bit of a rushed post last night; I'll explain that I meant parts suppliers rather than dealers, if only to let Doug know that I'm already high on life, and need no additional perks :) (And I suppose I'll have to clarify that I mean car parts suppliers, and not organs or other body bits)

I've had a clearout on-line and got rid of / moved on / reluctantly parted with a few thingies from the music side of life* via online auctions, and now have a very healthy Paypal account that I want to put into metal bits for the Triumphs. I can probably buy all of the bits one at a time online via the same auction site but I'd rather just make one larger order and get all at once, so was checking around the suppliers to see who takes it.

Problem is you have to actually buy something from most of them to get to the payment page and see what options they take, so it's not that easy to confirm if they accept that method of payment or not.

(* no, not organs)


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2 hours ago, Colin Lindsay said:

Well I could do but it's a bit of a three way step, so anyone who will take a direct Paypal payment is handier. Do Paypal also charge for transfers out of their account, no matter what account it's going to? Now I'll have to check...

It will only go to an account that is registered on the Paypal account - but if you already have your bank account on it, then to withdraw the money is indeed free

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