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Solex B30 Set up

John k

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I've just rebuilt my Solex B30 and upon refitting it ran but not great. The manual states to screw the Air mixture screw all the way in then back it off 1 1/2 or two flats.

What is a flat?

Is one flat a 180 degree turn as the slot in the head of the screw is for a flat blade screw driver or is it a whole revolution?



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flats one side of the 6 sided nut head, if youres is a screw/.knurled thing then 1.5 turns is a good start point 

if counting flats it would equal 1 turn plus 3 flats,  not your's  though.

the idle screw needs to open the throttle plate the same about 1.5 turns from being shut.

the idle circuirt only works at idle and a very small opening of the throttle plate, if the idle screw is making a fast idle the adjustable mixture idle circuir is cut off and by passed

if there is no obvious change with the idle screw slow the idle down, re adjust the mixture screw and again check the idle is not increaseing

the small holes on the base top face are important they are clear right down to the small orifices near the throttle plate 

do check the idle jet, ( on the outside ) is clear and not got debris in the jet holder or the jet 


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Thanks Pete, I cleaned the carb in an ultrasonic cleaner after stripping it. I couldn't believe how much emulsified gunk was in the float chamber after it sitting for 18 months, the curse of ethanol in petrol I believe.

I'll have another go this weekend.

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