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A new thread here shows up yet again the Club's attitude to this message board.   http://forum.tssc.org.uk/index.php?/topic/316-rip-herald-chassis/


It's about a Herald chassis that is so far gone that it is irredeemable, even to the professionals.   And the pros include a whole packet of pics showing all the faults, a valuable learning aid for new or prospective owners on what to look out for.    But each is either visible as a thumbnail, or a full sized pic that has to be individually seen.  No possibility of leafing through them all in a size that is visible. 



Contrast that with another well know Triumph site.



Not just one or two pics on the restoration of a very rusty Acclaim, bu THIRTY TWO!   All fullsized and easuly leafed throguh to fuind any of especial interest.

THAT is how to post pics, not this miserly, post-it-on-yer-gallery aand we'll let you look at them one by one!


I know, boring.

I'm off again - I only dropped in to see how the Club's corpse was doing.



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The pictures to which you refer on the "other forum" have been hosted on PHOTOBUCKET and linked into the thread in exactly the same way that we originally reccomended when you first complained about posting images, so why are you not complaining to the other forum's admin about how difficult it is to post pictures on their forum.


The pictures on the "chassis" thread are posted "inline" in just the way you asked for when you complained about the original picture size limits, they are NOT hosted on another site and externally linked in, and they are NOT posted in the members' galley.


If you took time to click on one of the thumbnails in the "chassis" thread you would notice that it opens up full screen, in fantastic high resolution, and then offers you a "next" and "prev" tab to scroll through the pictures.


We have removed the limit on picture size, and removed the limit on the total size of pictures that can be posted - something that you asked for, so we have listened.  There is no need to post in your gallery any more, they can be posted in line, unlike the forum to which you refer, where you can post ONE single picture at the END of the thread.


Just because you have a fantastic high bandwidth fibre optic connection, giving gigabit speeds, from t'internet direct to your computer, doesnt mean that everyone we have to cater for does.  At home, I am lucky to get 0.5megabit - it's painfully slow, and the last thing I want is a thread that is stuffed full of pictures that take forever to load - every time I view it.  Having the expanding thumbnails means that the threads can be picture rich, and fast loading for the mere mortals that have to live with slow internet.

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Maybe its just me but is there some sort of step by step guide on How to do the above? Or do I need to ask my son how and even what some of the terminology means here. I admit I'm not a twit or a face(boring)book user bit even so.....

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There are several threads in this area that contain details of how to link in photos from outside storage sites or your gallery, or you can just use the "Attach files" box at the bottom of the full editor window.


For "Attach files"

If you start a new topic, then you are automatically presented with the full editor window.

If you are replying to an existing topic you need to click on the "More Reply Options" box to get the full editor.


For embedding files hosted elsewhere you use the "image" button at the top of the editor window


Image button.jpg

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The limitations of the picture posting features of the "other"  Triumph Club's forum to which John refers above have just been highlighted again in a thread on it.


It would appear that there are severe limitations on the size of pictures that can be posted there - not a problem that we have here as we've removed the size limits on pictures that can be posted "In-line". 


It really highlights the TSSC's attitude to our Forum, where we implement policies that help our members post pictures, rather than forcing them to struggle with software to reduce the picture size so that they can post them.

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