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Prop shaft help


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Hello all looking for help 

I have a 1200 herald and I’m doing a engine swap to a 1500. I have a spitfire engine, gearbox, diff and two spitfire prop shafts for the flanges. Someone told me I needed a vitesse 2 litre non overdrive prob shaft to fit. Is this right or can I get away with something els?

many thanks 

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Your info is correct. It may be a tad tight, but the engine should shuffle forwards enough.


If an overdrive box (which is really what you need) the prop will need to be shorter by an inch or so. Custom jobbie I am afraid.

Be aware the 1500 engine will need a change to gearing. I would suggest a 3.89 diff or 3.63, and overdrive is a very good idea. If you have the early herald 1200 diff with the small internal shafts (check info from the canley classics site, there are several info pages on diffs, props, gearboxes etc) it may not last long.

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