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Another scare story for modded cars requiring BIVA

Colin Lindsay

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According to the Retro Rides forum, under proposed government rules, any modified vehicle which requires a BIVA (Basic Individual Vehicle Approval) will now have to meet the emissions standards of a new car. I presume this means any vehicle modified after the legislation is passed, but not sure at present. Consultation ends on March 2nd after which time it will apparently be written into law.

The Retro guys seem to be getting a bit hysterical about it (quote: this will kill all current and future builds dead!) and I'm not 100% sure if cutting a bulkhead to fit a bigger engine really would require BIVA... but if you've a Herald-shaped Ford or whatever it may be relevant. 



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The trouble is people not playing by the rules that have been around for a while.

Yes, it does seem cutting a bulk head on a monocoque vehicle should require an IVA, and that seems silly to me. But then again there was a standard Vanguard about, at least the body, dropped onto the floorpan of a subaru. Now that really did need to be IVA'd, but of course I very much doubt it was. 

flipside, is most engines could be made to meet current emission stds. Yes, it would probably need EFI and a cat, but not impossible. Currently kitcar builders who are sometimes using new engines, are getting a Q plate which means no emission testing at all (except smoke) so is also a bit of a loophole. If new legislation sorts that, so be it. 

My spitfire (with alien running gear) meets all the requirements to remain registered as a Triumph totally legitimately. It even has awards given solely to Triumphs by a major Triumph Club. Engine swaps are not an issue, it is changes to the chassis/suspension/steering that are the problem areas. And so they should be, the quality of some peoples work is dreadful. And scarily will no longer be subject to an MoT in many cases.

But as Doug has pointed out, best to wait for the actual legislation before fretting. 

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