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Spit 1500 Inlet Manifold mounting


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I recently took the inlet manifold off a spit 1500 and found that the 2 mounting points between the Inlet and exhaust manifold had sheared (they are on the inlet manifold).

These mounting points are in addition to the 6 main bolts holding the inlet manifold on to the block.  Does anyone know how essential these 2 mountings are please?  I'm guessing this is a common problem.

Many thanks for any advice.


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its a very common problem,   not just 1500   

are they needed .....well it was put there by design so theres some requitement for a stabilising support for the inlet manifold and 

having said that the  inlet does just sit on the exhaust,   clamping the two aids the hot spot required to warm up  the  inducting mixture

if the manifold is off then  a carefull drill out and refit a new stud has to be better than ..................not 

steel studs in an alloy base is not the easiest to repair ,     centre pop accuratley   and start with very small drill and work up to a size to extract the swine 


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