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Hello from me and my YouTube Channel

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Hey guys,

I was a TSSC member many years ago when I had a Spitfire (at somepoint I will rejoin again), and many happy years I had with that car. It has made an appearance on my YouTube channel. Since the Spitfire ( a much loved car) I've currently got a TR6 which I've had for the last 9 years, pretty much done everything to it including fitting a new CTM chassis to it. And an 1850 Dolomite, on a back burner for rebuild. I'm a mechanic and MOT tester for a living, but years ago got fed up with the way the motor trade was going with electrics on vehicles, although its still my day job I've known to take on classic cars on the side for club members. Lately I've been doing a YouTube channel, please subscribe to help it grow




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