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Rear Brake Shoe Brands


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Hi All,


After upgrading my studs to 7/16"  on my Mk1 GT6, I noticed my REAR Brake shoes will need replacing at some point in 2015. I have been looking to find Riveted ones but to no avail. Looking on that well known shopping site I found various makes of bonded ones including Veco and Delphi. 


Can anyone recommend these makes? or advise on where to get some good quality rear shoes? 


Thanks in Advance



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Don't bother. The last car I worked on and failed on handbrake had a "new" kit fitted. The hold down springs were too soft, let the shoes move about too much. Just re-use the old ones.


But, well worth stripping the backplate, cleaning everything up, smear of copper grease on the contact areas etc. And get the adjuster off, strip/clean and re-grease. Makes adjustment so easy. I tend to push a bit of rubber hose over the adjuster too, after smearing with grease, to help stop the elements getting into the thread.Probably does nothing, but cut square it looks pretty watertight.

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