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Triumph Vitesse.

Mike Maslin

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A shot in the dark guys, but back in late 70s early 80s I had a 2.0 Vitesse, 1968, MDV 300F.  It was the car we used on our wedding day, I started to do it up but I guess marriage and kids dictated we had to get rid.  I have checked the DVLA MOT check and it still comes up, but as red, I have a pic of it from around 82 and it was green.

I would just love to know where it is.








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Hello Mike.

I have just checked the DVLA vehicle enquiry database and it shows the vehicle SORN with the additional comment of "This vehicle hasn't had its first MOT".

It is very possible / likely the vehicle no longer exists - especially with the latter info flagged.




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Unsure about that, SORN has to be renewed yearly, same as road tax, so someone is SORNing this vehicle yearly. SORN was introduced in 1998, DVLA MOT records much later. My own car was stored before 1998 and didn't need SORN and has no MOT record till 2013. So quite easy for a car to be SORN with no MOT record.


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43 minutes ago, dougbgt6 said:


OK I give in, wrong again!  "You don't need to renew SORN" However, it could still be out there, not sold, not scrapped, soon to be a barn find?


It could well be still there - in theory it still exists somewhere as its not been sold or officially scrapped - not sure where it last resided - but a friend lives over Lincolnshire way and they just seem to park up old cars when they break and leave them!


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