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Gt6/spitfire rear spring.

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Fit a lowering block.....Easier than messing about swapping spring leaves etc.

But really it needs to settle first, so I would drive it for a while.

Don't forget the rear wheel alignment will need checking/altering, easy enough to do accurately at home

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I think it's probably worth keeping the extra stiffness of the GT6 spring, so don't remove a leaf - or if you do, don't throw it away! Is it possible to do the old trick of inverting one (or more) leaf(s)? This way you keep the overall spring rate - just lower the assembled spring. Of course you'll have to machine the recess for the rubber buttons on the opposite side of the inverted leafs.

Cheers, Richard

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12 minutes ago, clive said:

Also worth mentioning that there is no spitfire rotoflex spring made. And a rotoflex spring is quite different to a non-rotoflex spring in terms of rate.

That's what I was about to say!


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