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6 hours ago, Pete Lewis said:

Welcome ,   to make a full Coventry set  you need a coventry plate thats from nottingham  Ha,!

Nice looking car  so now a search starts for a tidy Gt6  to match ?


Hi Pete,

Yes, you're correct but they are the original plates Pete. I'm 50 this year so a late mk1 would tick the box.

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They are wire wheels ,   have spokes like a bike,   generally  you need some bolt on adaptors which convert you hub to take the spline drive of the wheel hub, held on with the knock on wing nuts you see.

Can be ok or a ongoing nighmare to keep them true and ballanced

Most are not tubeless so a rapid puncture can end in tears.  Or a ditch

They can ruin the handling if not maintained as the rim can move around as the spokes allow flex

They look nice  thats about the only plus,   take them off and fit steels or alloys and the car is transformed 

Cleaning spokes can be  a labour of love

So its love them or hate them   all down to preference


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