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Spitfire Manifold Vacuum Take-off Query


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Hi all,

I've recently purchased a Spitfire inlet manifold (311925 - see photo) from Ebay but it's slightly different to the ones I've seen before and in the usual parts diagrams, having the large vacuum take-off on top. Can anybody tell me which model this was likely to have come from and what the take-off was originally used for?




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I think it is a Spitfire manifold that has had a servo connection.

The “T’ shaped water pipe suggests 1500 Spit. but doesn’t the 1500 come with a screw-in blanking plug at this site?

If it was aMk3 or MkIV , the pipe would be  straight and the number  on the manifold would be 308087)

More commonly  the 1300 looks  like this  with just a flat “boss”

but if drilled /tapped for  vaccuum pipe  for servo  like I have done here.




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Not 1500 as they have HS4 carbs with angled flanges.

I've had one very like the OPs in the past that I took off a 1300 Dolomite.  I can't be sure if it was original to that car though - was there ever 1300TC Dolly?  I pulled the tube out and tapped the hole for a plug.

I wondered about 1300TC FWD as they have the servo connection, but they also seem to have the PCV valve fitted direct, so different again.


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You are right, I stand corrected. The 1300 has the heater valve on the rear end of the pipe. The late MkIV Spit had the T, the vacuum could have been an optional servo?

Other than that it looks like part of the Leyland ST tuning kit (Pluspac A  C-AJJ 4058) for the Toledo. 


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