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separate sections on the forum for TSSC models


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I wonder if it would be possible to have separate sections on the forum for each model within TSSC eg Vitesse, Acclaim etc.

I think this was so on the old forum, but perhaps there is some reason why this feature is no longer available?

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It's been discussed several times in the past, and the simple answer is NO.

The stuff that gets discussed  on the forum has so much in common with most models that splitting out by model would just dilute things and make it much harder to find relevant material when searching, and much harder to manage.

For example, as far as a Trunion on a small chassis Triumph is concerned, it doesn't matter whether it's a Herald, a Vitesse, a Spitfire or a GT6, the answers are the same, so we don't want the info spreading across four separate sections.

Likewise a question concerning engines - 4 cyl or 6 cyl - 90% common between most models.  How would you group things Vitesse/GT6/T2000 versus Herald/Spit/Dolomite/Toledo ?

SO many ways to slice and dice things, so keeping stuff within Technical areas is much easier.

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