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All Triumph Trackday


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I have just had an Email from the TR register people about their Castle Combe trackday on Wednesday 4th April.  It is all going ahead nicely, but they mentioned there is still plenty of space if anybody would like to join in.

I know many people like to modify their cars for performance, and a trackday is THE place to drive your car and make use of these modifications. And the TR organised ones are brilliant, drivers are respectful and of the several I have done, I have never felt like it was a race or driver behaviour was questionable (unlike "general" trackdays that can be a nightmare)

This one I am taking my daughter for her to drive my spitfire in a set of special sessions put aside for complete novices. They have been done before, but in order to encourage people to try a trackday out there are several of these over the day. So ideal.

So if you want to know what it is like to drive on track (as opposed to parade laps or whatever) this is the perfect place to try it out, and in terms of cost it is VERY reasonable.

Link to the event is here:


In terms of car/driver prep, you need very little. Helmets can be hired for a small fee. And the car should be in good running order, fresh-ish brake fluid, decent oil, brakes and tyres. In other words, correctly maintained!

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