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Hi Torque Starter Motor , Vitesse mk2

Paul H

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Vitesse MK2 

Hi purchased a High Torque Starter Motor from the Club

I understand this new starter has an integral starter solenoid , when swopping over is it best to remove existing solenoid as did read somewhere the old solenoid could be used saving some wiring 


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I forget if I bought the club's Hi torque starter or Canley's, but I measured the solenoid current (as opposed to the starter itself) and it was 40A - yes, forty amps! So if you run the starter direct to the battery like I did, I STRONGLY recommend you take the new solenoid to the starter contacts on the old one, instead of direct to the ignition switch. I should think pulling this sort of current through the old switch would do it no good at all!

Cheers, Richard

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