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Interesting Herald/Vitesse on ebay


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Now that's interesting... the owner says it's a Herald, the bonnet is Vitesse and the rear end is Bond.

The V5 also says Vitesse so it's more than just a Bond with a Vitesse bonnet. I wonder how that will affect things like historic class / modified status for the new owner? It's not as if you can say nothing and hope no-one notices... if it was any closer I'd consider it myself, just for the fun of it.


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DVLA say 1600

2017 MOT says 23k miles 2016/5 MOTs say mileage unreadable. How can that be? 

Doors and bonnet  don't fit well, I would guess the sills have been inaccurately replaced. The drivers door has been "carefully" photographed at an angle from the back, but the overhang at the bottom is large.


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