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Hot brake drum


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Hi Folks,

I've changed the rear brake cylinders and shoes on my Mk3 GT6 and find that the near-side drum is getting hot compared to the off-side. I've looked inside the drum to check the pull off springs are still located correctly and that the "self"-adjuster is doing it's thing (which amazingly, it is). The drum doesn't bind excessively and the car pushes around freely with the handbrake off. The top of the leading shoe is showing the most signs of use and so I'm assuming this is where the heat is being generated.

I've only done about 10 miles since the brake change and wonder if anybody thinks this might just be the shoes bedding in on that particular side. I've never changed brake shoes before (or at least I can't remember doing so, which doesn't mean much) and so I don't really know what to expect.


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Hi I had same issues when I replaced shoes on my Vitesse , and nearside was getting hot, though all appeared ok with adjustment . Could be when the wheel is lowered the system tightens up . All I did was to unwind the adjuster a few more clicks and this sorted the heat issue .


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