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Ecurie Ecosse old home visit

Pete Lewis

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around 30+ made a visit to Dick Skipworths last home of the Ecurie Ecosse racing team, I had been quite involved with the Commer Transporter

and its brilliant TS3 two stroke opposed piston engine, Dick sold off the collection last year and i asked if he could do a presentation of the teams history and the fun and games whilst all the cars and truck were in his ownership, this we did last night , we had a great time with browsing at dicks collection of 

jaguars ,astons gt40  etc.  and much more , some wonderful original Le Man films and of course racing in his cars with Barry Whizzo williams

brilliant night out , 

trouble is this muppet didnt take any photo's  .   senior moments and all that 

Thanks Dick for a wonderful entertaining evening 


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