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Sour/sulphur smell from exhaust on Vitesse


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This is apparent from a couple of metres away from exhaust when engine hot at idle.

It sometimes shows a bit of what what I think is oil smoke (grey colour) at idle and does use a bit of oil (maybe half a pint, every 1000 miles), though the smell is not what I associate with burning oil.

Is this normal please.

Thanks, Dave

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Hi Dave,

Does your Vitesse have a brake servo fitted? Have you noticed a need to top up the brake master cylinder? I ask because your description rang a faint bell from many years ago when my Morris 2200 started producing a strange smell and slightly coloured smoke. Being a poor and foolish student I ignored it until the reason became apparent when the seal failed completely and the brake fluid got sucked into the inlet manifold, then the smell and smoke became too hard to ignore.


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It's possibly not related, but the wife's X Type Jag which where've had nearly from new (14yrs) when it's been in the garage say a week unused, and running on Australian 95  fuel it can get a slight Sulphur smell for the first minute after starting, its only happened a couple of times and only if unused. It could be fuel related as our fuel goes off fast! I use BP here in Victoria it has no sun flower rubbish YET, other makes can/do up to 10% esp in other States.

I frequently use Injector cleaner I wonder if its after that and coincidental with being stored? must keep a record. 

Talk about a slightly smokey exhaust esp on startup run a Dolly Sprint, those exhaust valve seals appear next to useless, 6 to 9 months life & I ain't pulling the head!, No oil top up between services so it can stay, and it appears worst on start up.

Peter T

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Reminds me of trying to start a reluctant vaux viva , nothing made any sense , a squirt down the carb and it fired !

Exaust reaked of burning rubber,  it was the fuel , car had run out and been topped up from a can  god knows what the stinky mix was but petrol it wasnt,  the fuel is often never considered as the culprit,  especially when you get involved without knowing the full story

In general oil burns blue ,  excess fuel black,  brake fluid and antifreeze white ,

And like petes sprint  valve guide can drop more in when idling or decelerating when the manifold vacuum is highest

On stroms or su overfilled  dashpots , the spill over gets burnt 

Just draming about where contamination can get to be puffed out the tailpipe

In most cases it best ignored unless its more in your face ....demons lurking


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