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Indicator switch - late 1500 Spitfire


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1 hour ago, Pete Lewis said:

If you have stripped the plastic switch base a big tapping screw works well

Or fill screw hole with araldite , drill and tap


No the plastic bit that the screw goes through sheared off. 

I've got a new one coming - its a LHD version, but apparently the metal face can be swapped to make it a RHD version. 

The contacts look a bit ropey too, so if it does actually swap, it will be a result in a couple of areas :lol:

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14 hours ago, Anglefire said:

Then woke at 4am and couldn't sleep because of the dreaded 4 letter word. So got up at 5 and did a bit.

I don't get this at all... I've been out of bed amazingly early the past while, often around 6am and the other morning, 5.22am by the clock - wide awake, coffee and early morning TV, with the pheasants stalking around my garden and glaring at me through the window.

This morning I had a 9am physio appointment for a shoulder injury - and even at 8am I couldn't get out of bed. it was a real effort. Is it some sort of psychological thing?


BTW Mark make sure you test everything once your LHD switch is fitted, otherwise you'll indicate back to front, flash the rear lights instead of the headlights, and have to sit upside down to dip.

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I used to get up at 6am to be at my desk in London by 8am. Now I get up at the crack of 09:30, cup of tea, look at the news, shower, get dressed, almost always before midday. I have retired friends who can't break the getting up early regime, what's wrong with them? :lol: 


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I wake up pretty much everyday at 5:50 or a little before. Get up at about 6:20 and if I’m working at home am at my desk sometime after 7:30 but usually before 8. 

If im going to the office then I’m out the house at about 8. 

If im going to a customers site then can leave the house at any time from 4am onwards. Usually 6:30 ish though. 

Home anytime from mid afternoon to 10pm.  Though the latter is rare. 

I look forward to retiring. ?. 

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Well the new switch came yesterday. Hopefully just changing the metal plate does actually convert it to rhd. 


Technically the horn will be upside down though.


hopefully I’ll get chance to swap it today - though swmbo has me decorating the bathroom ?

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Moved stuff about a bit!
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