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Angle Drive


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For ref  what did you find .?

Do not forget to fit the washer between angle and gearbox drive,  any 7/16" will work  (its on a BL tech note)

This just makes sure there is no pre load on the angle drive input spindle, 

Leave it out and the drive will most likey fail early


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This was the article I found in text mentions BSB which has 55 degree thread pictures show die as BSCy which has 60 degree thread, I ordered a 3/4 26tpi BSB before noticing the anomaly. I used it with the spreading screw of the die holder fully in and it cleaned up the thread to enable a good fit, it tightened without needing pliers, with the new speedo cable before noticing the above, other articles indicate that the speedo end is M12 x 1.

I accept no responsibility for the above info as it shows the perils of using the net for data.

Used Tracy Tools Ltd, no connection but very helpful, the gentleman I spoke to after noticing my error indicated that as both dies are 3/4 26 tpi it would be very difficult to tell the difference. In my opinion as I was using the die in a non critical situation on worn and damaged components and what I did worked either die would probably do.

Did ring a speedo cable maker twice but apparently the person who could give me the answer to the thread size was not available.






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