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Triumph Vitesse Mk2 Core PLugs

Paul H

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Vitesse Mk 2 
The plastic gearbox cover on my Vitesse wasnt sealed properly with hot air getting in so removed to add a further gasket to the bulkhead . I noticed a the core plug was a little dirty and rusty so poked with a screwdriver - It went straight through the core plug - This explains why I was loosing small amounts of coolant - only 1/2 a tea cup every 100 miles so I thought no big deal - Good job I found it .

I googled core plug  removal , the American's call them frost plugs - This YouTube video was the best I found and the process worked for me - Simply with an old screwdriver take out as much of the centre as possible . When the centre is almost removed using pliers twist out the centre . 
Then use Plus Gas on the core remainder . Finally tap the outer core in one corner and in the end the remaining ring will pivot out just like the video said it would - The camera work is Cra*p on the video but the results speak for themselves. I had spare core plugs as already changed the one by the dynamo .
Better check the rest now - there are 8 plugs on the Vitesse Mk 2 engine 
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Good work with the plugs!

I've also fitted a second strip of sealing tape on my plastic cover, this seems to  be a common failing, others on here have ground the lip down.

My brother saw a cheap Spitfire cover on Moss and only this afternoon went to see it.

He bought the cover and they gave him the seal, he said "It doesn't work, it's below the lip" 

Their Spitfire guru was called and said "The lip slots onto the side rails."

Brother said "No it doesn't"

Guru said "Yes it does, do you want it or not?!!"

Brother showed a picture, Guru said "Ah, no, it doesn't, would you like some more sealing strip?"

The knob wits are all around us!






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