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Spitfire Mk3 door locked - Burglar wanted!


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Burglar wanted!
Having owned my Mk3 spit since 1980 and having never locked the doors I am now confused to find the drivers door locked. The outside handle push button is solid and the interior door handle moves but doesn't unlock the door. I have never had keys for the doors.
Does anyone know how to break in or what may have failed to cause the door to lock?  I could just step over it but that doesn't work with the roof up.
Suggestions welcome
Thanks you

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Spit and gt6 door remote mechanisms were designed by a sadist with no sense of humour

If its the later lock you may need the part under the headiing of 3d parts

You need the doors card off which doesnt work if the doors shut 

Some stiff wire down the glass drop and hook a rod or two , 

When the cards off youmcant see what youre doing as hands get too large amd appertures too small

Then a big hole saw comes in handy to get at the back of the latch amd outer handle

 Tin of sticky plasters is obligatory


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