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Current rate for a complete repaint GT6


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I'm trying to throw rough prices for repainting a GT6 shell. The intention would be to dip and electrophoretic coat the shell, then there would be lots of preparation work before painting. The shell would be presented to a painter with just minimal work left for them to do. 

Could anyone estimate how much I should budget for a repaint of a prepared shell/bonnet/doors/chassis etc?

I've had estimates of around 100 hours labour plus materials bringing the cost to about £4-5K. 

Does that sound reasonable?

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You might have a problem in preparing it yourself. Most paint guys will only paint on their prep unless it has been done by another professional 

I suggest you seek advice directly from the painters you get quotes from before you start



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I currently have a quote for my mk3 that was provided in January this year. It's not a shell off job but the engine and gearbox are out. I've stripped the internals,  removed the windows and front and rear screens and preped it as far as I can. Before painting it requires a new front cross member welding on along with hinge boxes etc. and the bonnet re-fitting. Some work to the off side bulkhead and possibly new sills. The quotation for the painting is as follows:

"Prepare as required and make good all repairs, apply acid etch to bare metal, high build primer to repairs, primer surfacer as required to complete vehicle. Repaint vehicle, including door shuts and returns, bulkhead and panel interiors - estimate 60 hours.

Flat and polish complete vehicle - estimate 24 hours

total  84 hours at £40/hour = £3360


Primer filler (including hardener), 2k solid colour, anti scratch clear coat, hardener, thinners, consumables and sundries - £1030 inc. Vat.

Total = £4390"

I also got an alternative quote that was not a million miles away from this.

I've seen several jobs the guys have done and was impressed.

Hopefully all work will be done this month.

Hope this helps.



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