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Porcel Farce!


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No not a typo!

I’ve been off this week with the aim of getting some work done on the Herald, predominantly sorting out the rotten out riggers.

Therefore I ordered a set of out riggers from Chic Doig on the Thursday before Easter, with the expectation that they would arrive late this week, giving me time to start on the chassis preparations.

No sign of out riggers yesterday so called Chic Doig, no definitely sent on Tuesday via Parcel Force.

Still no sign today, so call CD again, got the tracking number..........

.............parcel being returned to sender as insufficient address data!

Called CD again, somewhat bemused response from them as they pointed out that the delivery address and the delivery address are on the same label!

Deeply unimpressed with Parcel Force!

Particularly as orders from Paddocks and Rust Buster turned up without issue, but didn’t use Porcel Farce!

Rant over.


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My Spear and Jackson 'Neverbend' Garden fork... bent... on the first use earlier in the year so I e-mailed the company to see what my plan of action should be; to their credit they instantly replaced it. However: they never asked for my address or other personal details, all they had was my name from the e-mail. I got a phone call from DPD Couriers asking me was I the same one of that name that they had on record, as they had a 'spade' for me... so the company posted it, superbly wrapped, to Colin Lindsay, Northern Ireland. End of. It got here!

Parcelforce over here haven't let me down so far, and believe me with eBay and other bits they're kept busy.

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Had to resurrect this one as for once I'm in the downstairs study, typing away.... (I normally write upstairs, looking out over the countryside for inspiration)

Up comes Postman in his red van, and waves in at me through the window; then walks round the corner to the front door and clatters about a bit before driving off again.

About ten minutes later I go to check the post and there with three other letters is a card "We could not deliver a parcel today as it requires a signature."

Maybe he thought that, as I was typing, I couldn't actually write... :)



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Ditto that Tony! Our postman will leave even sign for items! Admittedly we do have an enclosed porch which we leave the door unlocked but some delivery guys ( mentioning no herpes names😂) leave a card even though we asked for it to be left in the porch! 



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It's usually give and take with our lot, the usual Postie delivers all the post for the school next door to me, as their gates are usually closed, so the Principal gets it later, but he also hides parcels in the garage and leaves me a note*, which I really appreciate. This one today was a different guy, so will have to train him.

(* no it does not say: bet you can't find this one....)

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