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Gt6 mk3 overdrive problem


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Okay so after adjusting the brass arm for the overdrive to take out the slack I can now manually activate my overdrive with the back wheels in the air idling in 4th gear by pulling on the arm but my solenoid will not pull it but will hold it if switched on and pulled over manually if you understand what I mean? Is this a faulty solenoid? Would a new solenoid have the strength to pull the arm on its own? Or are there other issues at play here?

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this sounds very faulty solenoid,  if you have amulti meter that will measure the amps  add it in line a see what current you are pulling 

but its fairly clear the pull in coil has failed as it wont 'pull in' on its own.

as said  10+ amps pull in   0.5amps when  holding 


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