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Exterior door handle, passenger side in Vitesse


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Was messing with the alignment of the plate, that contains the latch bit that comes out of rear of door (3 pozi screws on mine that I loosened a bit).

Seemed to have hardly any adjustment anyhow.

Now there is quite a lot of free movement when pressing door release button, before the door release bit/latch moves, though door will still open.

Any tips before I arse about taking card off and friggin about inside the door.

Thanks, Dave   

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There is no adjustment on the latch to door fixings   the only adjustment to the latch alignment is on the B post striker plate

There must be about 3mm free travel between the inside end of the button and the lever ot contacts inside the door

This is adjustable simple  screw  and lock nut on the end of the push button.

You must ensure the remote and the latch levers have fully returned before , adjusting this screw.

If the levers have not fully returned  (stiff etc)  you gain a bigger gap than you need , the door can then self open

Just when you dont want it too.


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