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Spitfire 1500 Starter Motor


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To start with electrics are not my bag.

Started the Spit on Sunday and whilst she was struggled to turn over  I noticed some smoke coming from the engine bay. The battery in a new 063 Bosh and the starter was replaces a couple of years ago. The battery is disconnected when not in use and is maintained by a smart charger - but always struggles to turn the car over

On investigation it seemed that the  lead from the solenoid to the starter was getting very warm and the cap at the solenoid end was beginning to melt.

Is this due to the wrong thickness lead being connected or is there another issue?

Any suggestions welcome




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Make sure the engine earth strap is present and making a good connection, it's normally on or around the timing cover, you could test my using a jump lead from the engine to battery earth. 


Maybe starter a bit stiff. You could remove and bench test, but do ensure it's well secured in a vice.


I'm sure others will have more suggestions.

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