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Vitesse 1/4 light glass


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yes leave it assembled,  your can get the glass out but probably never get it back in 

without a  jig to support the frame and a lever press arrangement to press it into the rubber 

it could be easier to chuck the rubber and infill with piped butyl rubber sealant , just an idea 

ive never tried but having seen the assembly process we used on the line for ND vents 

beware of  diy or you may  end up with a triggers broom  or a drafty car   ha ! 


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I know its 6 months ago but just trawling thro and found it!

I have a 76 Dolly Sprint here in OZ and no problems the quarter light glass on both sides just pulled out & slotted back in easy I had to glue them in with a  Silkaflex adhesive, won't come out now.

Maybe its a Aussie heat thing that shrinks or does something to the rubber.


Peter T


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