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What diet... this works for me

Pete Lewis

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my diabetic nurse said try this ,  flies  in the face of normal advice but see how it works  


well  ive    dropped from 14st 12lbs to 13 st10lbs  in 2 months  just but dropping spuds carrots bread and   man made spreads

back to cheese ,bacon,  eggs, fish butter.meat, above ground veg. and all things  good.

have a  look at these idea's,    it may work , this idea of low carb has been called all the names from Atkins to the drinking mans diet 

but Im impressed  and eat the things i like most ,  its not reduced my Mol to where i want to be but the weight loss means i need new trousers

whats happend to the cholesterol count i have no idea but a   the loss of the sack of spuds under me is a great  move 

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Well done Pete! Unfortunately it's mostly what I eat anyway. My downfall is in the name, "The drinking mans diet". When I did my Achilles tendon in I could barely walk for about 6 months and piled the weight on. The only way to get it down was total abstinence from the golden fluids. :( 


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