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I've had my Mk2 Vitesse up on mobile axle stands (one of the best garage kits I have ever purchased) with the 4x stands supporting the chassis for the last few months.


The car has the gas strut conversion with rotoflex.


On refitting the rear wheels (Minilites) the inside of the nearside wheel caught the very bottom edge of the lower wishbone as the wheel was rotated. it's actually the big washer that the bolt goes through. 


It's only very slight, but enough to scrape the alloy visibly.


I changed the wheels around and noted that it still occurred but to a far lesser extent. 


The only thing I can put this down to is that the gas strut(s) have "relaxed" slightly allowing the lower wishbone to drop slightly, hence causing the contact. 


I bounced the rear wings up & down several times by sitting on them.


This appeared to do the trick, although on rolling the car backwards I could hear it slightly catching the inside of the wheel again; but not when the car was rolled forward.


Took the car for a drive and it seems that the problem has resolved itself - although I will be rolling the car back & forth again today to ascertain if the problem is back.


As such - is it likely that the gas strut could have lengthened whilst the car was on the stands ??


Have to say never known this to of occurred before - very odd !! when the strut conversion was installed there were no problems and the system has been on the car for the last year or so with plenty of mileage under its belt.


Any opinions will be gratefully received.







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Rolled the car back & forth today with no snagging.


Performed perfectly on the road after the above was done.


I can only assume that there must have been a period of resettling of the rear suspension overnight and the car is now back to its original position.


As a thought I even tested to see if there was any play in the transverse leaf spring end bushes - but no, all perfectly sound.


My rationale for that was if there was some wear in the bushes it may have altered the vertical plane of the hub assembly (ever so slightly) making the lower wishbone angle down and inwards a fraction which would cause contact between the wishbone and the inner wheel rim.


There is now a good 1/4" gap between those two.


Hey-ho just one of those very odd things about a classic car. That's why you just cannot beat them !!


Many thanks if you have been scratching your head on this one with a view to help.





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