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Spitfire 1500 Wheels Refurb or replace?

Bob Owen

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Any opinions on whether I should refurb (shot blast, paint etc) my rusty standard steel wheels (4.5J X 13) or replace with Alloys. If alloys which ones?.

If refurb existing wheels any suggestions for ensuring paint gets properly into the " inner/outer seam" or is it best to seam seal this?

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Get the original wheels refurbished.


Rather than paint, get them powder coated.


The company that powder coats them will shot blast them properly immediately before powder coating.


The powder coat gets into all the nooks and crannies as it is put on as a dry powder with an electrostatic gun, and then baked to get it to melt and set as a continuous surface.

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I would stick with the standard wheels and get them powder coated as Kevin says. You should have no problems with rust breaking out if they are done properly. The bit you really need to watch is actually the part inside the wheel where the tyre bead sits. If this is heavily corroded or pitted it can cause slow leaks, which can be a right pain. If in doubt, better second hand wheels are out there, and powder coat one with a good inner rim instead.


Fancy alloy wheels are undoubtedly nice, but they are vulnerable to kerb damage, expensive and there can be  issues with fouling with some wheel and tyre combinations, as previously documented on this forum.




Steve C

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Got my originals powder coated, they look great!

cost about £200

A word of warning  make sure you remove the coating where the wheel nuts seat or they will undo, they did on mine.

It is because there is not enough friction on the powder coating, I think!

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