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Dolomite Sprint won't Idle after run

Peter Truman

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My Sprint idles well on startup and generally when pottering around BUT after a fast 100kph, 15klm Freeway run at 2700rpm in O/D 4th coming off the freeway it won't idle at the traffic lights, just stalls.

Sometimes all comes good at the second set of lights but other times it plays up all the way home say 10klm or 15mins. Next time I start it's all OK.

The HS6 SU spindles are worn, I've put some "O' rings tight up against the body to minimize air leaks & I'm currently rebuilding a replacement set of HS6 carbs, new shafts, bearings, needle valves, jets and full set of gaskets, & dashpot pistons. I'll fit them in the next couple of weeks

I'm currently still on points and condenser, but will upgrade to Lumenition Magnetronic Electronic Ignition MTK007 next month, its the only type that appears to fit in the distributor.

The exhaust valve seals leak a bit but not too bad a little puff of smoke if idling for a while, I have new seals ready but don't want to go there just yet. 20yrs ago my daughters Sprint had the head rebuilt by a very reputable local Melbourne Triumph experienced garage & they started to do the same (leak) within 6 months so I think it's inherent flaw with the slant engine

Any idea's what else it could be??


Peter Truman

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This seems to be a problem across the range of cars. So something is changing...

Usual suspects are indeed dubious quality ignition components that start to break down when hot. 

Also a thought, do you have waxstst jets on the carbs? That can cause the mixture to weaken too much. And then there is fuel, no idea what has been done to yours but we are suffering with ethanol in ours.

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