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Spitfire VBP 58T - Is it still around?


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Back in the early '90's a good friend and I had our Triumphs restored, my Vitesse and his Spitfire 1500. I still own my Vitesse, but have often wondered what became of his Spit. As the title suggests, the registration was VBP 58T and it was Pageant Blue. It was traded in for an Audi 80 in 1995-ish :(.

The MoT history site lists the car as not being MoT'd since 19th May 2008, but the tax check states that it is currently taxed and MoT'd - very odd. 

I'd love to know what became of that car as we had some great times in it in our youth, blasting around the lanes of South Devon. If you know of it or have seen it at any shows or TSSC meets please let me know its alive and well!

This photo was taken in Dartington in the early 1990's, not long after the car had been restored.


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