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SAH rocker cover on eBay

Colin Lindsay

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On 6/18/2018 at 5:43 PM, Colin Lindsay said:

A bargain , sold for £56, what is the SAH rocker box worth 



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10 hours ago, ShaunW said:

What's the deal with these rocker covers, why the interest? 

Some people like alloy covers, they look nice, keep the tappet noise down and don't go rusty!

For the GT6 mk3 SAH are the Holy Grail. The standard alloy 6 cylinder cover fits all straight 6s except GT6 mk3, where it fouls the bonnet. Some people buy the standard thing and file the front end down, but it's only gives minimal clearance and doesn't look too appealing. The only ones that fit have stepped ends like the SAH. The last one on Ebay went for £500+. I guess their desirability with MK3 owners hikes the price of everything else SAH.


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1 hour ago, dannyb said:

there's one on ebay now £250

Is that the Triumphtune one? Slightly different, but still collectable.

You'll always find at least one Tuning house for any marque; Minis have Downton and MG have Moss and early parts or automobilia are always sought after. Some owners go the whole hog with the tuning accessories and end up with a genuine period souped-up engine, others (mentioning no names ?) just fit the rocker cover and pretend...


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