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Greetings from NZ

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I'm John from Tauranga in New Zealand, I've been a menber of the club for a few years, but this is my first venture on to the forum. I've currently got a Stag and some boxes of bits that are supposed to be a MkIV Spitfire.

The Stag came to NZ with us when we moved from the UK 7 or so years ago and I bought the Spitfire a few weeks ago from a guy who'd had it for 15 years in its current dismantled state. I think it was the owner before him who took it apart and started putting it back together. Of course there's always something you miss when you're looking at a car to buy (well I do) and so far I've found a chassis repair which I'll start a seperate thread about once I've written this.

I've owned a variety of Triumphs over the years, starting with an eight year old 13/60 saloon, bought on a snowy day in Bath for 330 pounds, just as a reasonably priced second hand car but it somehow got me into the weird and wonderful world of Triumph ownership and the TSSC!

Cheers, John.

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Wow, thats one of the best jigsaw puzzles I've seen in ages....Its like an adult version of mechanno or one of those Tamiya RC car kits you get.... What a fantastic project to do bit by bit and it will be really interesting to see the final end product...Good Luck!


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