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Tyre size


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If no profile height is specified then it is assumed to be 80.


If the car is fitted with 155 13 (80) tyres now, then you should replace them with 155 13 80 tyres.


Using any other 155 13 profile tyre will make the speedo inaccurate.


If you want lower profile tyres then you need to also go for wider tyres to maintain the rolling radius.


Lots of calculators out there, but this one is done by a Triumph owner - http://www.mintylamb.co.uk/?page=tyre.htm

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Hi Rick

Assuming from your nickname that the car is a Spitfire, 155 13 80 are the obvious choice. 175 13 70 have the same approximate rolling radius, but you may run into clearance problems on the wheel arches. Also, you need to consider the width of your wheels. 155s are fine on 4.5J rims, but 175s really need 5.5J rims as I have on my GT6.

Hope this helps.

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