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Triumph vitesse mk 2 1969 runs well but will not tick over

Dean Weston

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Car runs well but will not tick over,

i adjust the  throttle cable and the  i’m  idling screw revs go up then it goes to high up and down and stops.

can drive 20 miles all ok come to a junction it cuts out, sometimes will not start until easy start has been used.  

Could it be petrol pump?

thanks for your help 




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Very unlikely to be the petrol pump as when they fail it means you don't get enough fuel through under load - idling is normally fine.

Could be air leaks - you'll have adjusted the mixture and idle settings to compensate but then when it gets hot and drops to idle there's no fuel in the mix.

Could also be weak ignition - as the battery voltage drops it gets weaker and splutters out.

There was a recent extensive thread following twiddle day 2 which covered these sorts of symptoms.

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